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Picnic In The Park Couples Session | Miranda + Coleman |

Okay listen, I am actually OBSESSED with Miranda and Colemans love story, no matter how many times I come back to this blog post, or how many times she tells me the story, I still melt every. single. time. It's a timeless story of spontaneity, sweetness, and of course, love. These two are the kind of couple that when you see them, you just know they were handcrafted for one another, and it cannot get much more adorable than that. Miranda and Coleman reached out to do a Date Night session with me and to say I was seriously excited is the understatement of the century. Picnic basket, wine, strawberries, singing, laughing, and a total dream of a scene for any photographer.

Ironically enough, Miranda happens to be the amazing lady who designed this very website of mine you're on right now! She's an extremely talented, kindhearted, creative woman and the fact that I was able to not only work with her on my rebrand, but also capture these sweet moments for her was almost more than my little heart could handle🥺

Alright, enough from me, scroll on down to hear these two's sweet story, and see some of the amazing moments I captured during their session ❤️

Their Story

"Coleman and I met at midnight. It was a late, warm, summer night and the two of us had only been talking on social media for about a day. But once he sent me a picture of his motorcycle and I asked him if he needed an adventure buddy, we decided to meet right then, right there.

After a very unusual (and in hindsight pretty reckless) first date of motorcycle riding in the dark, we laughed, we kissed and the rest is history!

A year and a half later, we are still together, laughing, kissing, and chasing sunsets. We've helped each other get through college, work, moving, and even loss. We're each other's biggest fans, admiring and supporting each other in what we love. He's up for just about anything if it'll make me happy, like taking professional photos in the park for example! I can't think of anybody who's made me smile brighter, or has held me tighter when I needed it most. I'm glad I asked if he'd like me to accompany him on his adventure- who knew that the adventure would last this long?"

-Miranda Murray

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